About This Blog

This blog will serve as my journal of weather observations, discussions, forecasts, and forecast verifications. These are my thoughts as I seek to continually practice my weather map reading and forecasting skills.

My plan is to break my posts into several categories, each of which may eventually be found in the “Categories” widget to the right.

  • National – looking at the U.S. as a whole
  • Regional – looking at a more specific part of the country
  • Site-Specific – drilling down to specific cities

Each of these categories will then have sub-categories, including

  • Current – current weather maps and sometimes a very short-term forecast
  • Forecast – weather models and a short- to long-term forecast
  • Forecast verification – a summary of what just happened and how the forecast stood up

For other weather-related posts, and to keep up with my chasing adventures, see my other blog: http://www.greenskychaser.com/blog. See also my weather and chasing website: http://www.greenskychaser.com.

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