Fishing, Catching, and Dolphins

Here’s a link to the post I just wrote on my new travel blog, about my fishing adventures this April: Fishing, Catching, and Dolphins.

It was my first two times deep sea fishing, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do that here at Kwajalein before leaving. I also finally got to see dolphins surround the boat, an experience I’d often heard of but had never yet witnessed. What a delightful day!

For a few more photos of the fishing adventure, see my Kwajalein Atoll Fishing Flickr set.

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More on Ebeye

More photos from my trips to Ebeye can now be found on my Ebeye Flickr set, introduced by my blog post on Just Down The Jet Stream – Ebeye: Island of Contrasts.

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Under the Sea

Flame Angelfish, oceanside Carlson

Another post relating to Kwajalein on my new travel blog: Just Down The Jet Stream: Under the Sea.

And here is the link to my Flickr collection of my scuba dive and snorkel photos.

A big THANK YOU to those of you have enjoyed this blog, and I hope you have found some helpful things on here about Kwajalein.

Now that my time is coming to an end here (11 days!), as you can probably tell, this blog is winding down (though may continue to post bits of info and links about my time on Kwajalein). With the blog links I am just trying to funnel any of you who may be interested in my continued travels over to the other blog, which will be about my travels in general. And just because I am leaving Kwajalein, doesn’t mean you can’t still ask questions about the place! 🙂

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Roi-Namur: Island of Misfits?

I just started a new blog to be more inclusive of all my travels and adventures, in preparation for my move in a few weeks to New Zealand. You can check out the new blog at

Today my feature post was on Roi-Namur, something I had wanted to write about since my first trip there in March 2012. I finally finished going through all those old photos, and posted them to my new Flickr account (Roi photos in this collection). It’s only a year or so late. 🙂 Enjoy!

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New Zealand Bound!

My two year contract at the weather station on Kwajalein is coming to a close (already?! where did the time go?). While I had the opportunity to renew it, I decided for various reasons to pursue other opportunities. I have loved my time here and there are some people and some things I will miss, but further challenges and interesting weather are calling me.

I just accepted an offer to work as a meteorologist for MetService, New Zealand’s National Weather Service. I am beyond excited to say I will be moving to Wellington, New Zealand this August! The position sounds great, and I look forward to learning more about Southern Hemisphere and New Zealand weather and exploring this beautiful country.

The above photo is the famous Kwaj signpost by the airport, showing the direction and approximate distance in miles to various places around the world. Wellington has been added to the signpost sometime since I first got here, and now I smile whenever I notice it as I pass by–“only” about 2,400 miles further south!

The next few months will bring a lot of traveling for me, as I’ll also soon be flying back to Oklahoma to go storm chasing and visit friends for a few weeks across the Plains.

Perhaps I’ll have to start a New Zealand blog soon, and hopefully keep up with it a little better; I am looking forward to having high speed Internet again so I’m sure there will be more motivation for blogging and posting photos as I have time. And yes, I will continue to dive after I move to New Zealand; I’m quite excited to find out more about the diving opportunities there, and even more so getting back into hiking.

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North Point / Emon Snorkeling

Yesterday after work I went snorkeling and took these photos of a few interesting fish and a small moray eel. We also saw a shark and a sea turtle, but didn’t get any photos of either.


Goatfish and Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse at a cleaning station

Striped Large-Eye Bream

There was a whole school of these little fish, and the yellow spots seemed to be glowing, gently getting brighter and dimmer, probably to confuse predators.

Tiger Snake Moray Eel

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Emon Night Dive – Octopus, Eel, Cowry

I went on a night dive a couple days ago and had a really great time; before I’d even put my regulator in my mouth we saw a little octopus and a moray eel! We also saw the first live cowry I had ever seen, as well as a baby lionfish, some sharks, and lots of other cool creatures!


Moray Eel

Deer Cowry, with its mantle out

Deer Cowry, after it retracted its mantle back into the shell, in the blink of an eye

Baby Lionfish

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Dive Albums Now Posted

I just finished uploading to my home page a new section, “Other Adventures”, which so far includes several photo albums of my dive adventures, categorized by subject.

Check it out!

Green Sky Chaser Dive Photos

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P Buoy and K5 Side Wrecks

And here’s the final set, so I’m finally all caught up with dive photos. 🙂 These are from a dive in early October to P Buoy (Akibasan Maru) and K5 Side again (Tateyama Maru).

Winches on the P Buoy Wreck:

On the mast of the P Buoy Wreck:

K5 Side Wreck:

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Barracuda Junction

Here are some photos from a dive in early September to the wreck at Barracuda Junction (Choko/Tyoko Maru), another ship laying on its side.

Note the large cargo of pipes in this photo (there were a lot more just out of view of the photo as well):

Gun, on its side so it’s pointing up and to the left. Also note the ammo boxes on the right:

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