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Weekend Diving

Over this past weekend, I was able to get in five dives (including my 50th scuba dive!). Two of the dives were boat dives. I saw five octopuses, three manta rays, one sea turtle, several anemones with clownfish, one baby … Continue reading

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NuSTAR Part 2

There was an open house a couple days before the satellite launch, and we were able to go aboard the L1011 and check things out up close. Here are a few photos. The rocket What would be economy seating on … Continue reading

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Next week we’ll be supporting a NASA mission, where this L1011 aircraft (the “Stargazer”) will take off from Kwajalein and launch the attached Pegasus rocket, which will fly into space and release NuSTAR, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, an X-ray … Continue reading

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Transit of Venus and Partial Lunar Eclipse

Today Venus passed between the Earth and Sun, in such a plane that millions of people around the world were able to witness the silhouette of the second planet traversing the face of the Sun. The next Venus transit will … Continue reading

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