Roi Dive Photos

Here is a selection of more dive photos from Roi this past weekend. I had a really great time up there and saw a lot of cool stuff. I went on 5 dives, including oceanside Roi (where all the sharks were at), the Eiko Maru (known by the locals as 1st Ship, a Japanese ship from WWII), a reef dive off of 8th Island, the airplane graveyard (collection of American WWII planes discarded after the war), and a C-46 (cargo plane also from WWII times). As always, you may click to enlarge the photos.

Gray Reef Shark, oceanside Roi-Namur

Looking up at a shark silhouette

1st Ship, aka Eiko Maru #2

Bow Gun


Looking along a walkway

Barrels in the cargo hold


My dive partner John, playing with a jellyfish

Bannerfish, checking out coral growing on the deck

Coral reef dive off of 8th Island (8 islands southeast of Roi-Namur)

Large brain coral

There were several clownfish hiding in an anemone growing in this coral

Giant Clam (just over a foot long)

Airplane graveyard

Look between the tail of the plane and a coral head to the left, and you'll see one of a few spotted eagle rays we saw this weekend


Me, in the airplane graveyard

John, checking out this plane with the propeller sitting in the cockpit

C-46 plane, sans wings and tail

Looking in the cockpit of the C-46

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