Why A 100mm Macro Lens Is Sometimes Too Much

On February 23rd, I went on a night dive at the Japanese ski boat area wreck. I put on the 100mm macro lens as I wanted to photograph the yellow tube anemones. I did not get the photo I had envisioned, but I think it was a decent start.

I then saw a large pufferfish, and was not able to fit much of the fish into my frame of view, but it was still pretty cool.

And THEN, I saw this coming at me (uncropped!)…and wished I had a 60mm macro lens:

Yeah, I know, you can’t see the eye, but I thought it was actually rather amusing.

This belonged to a filefish that was over 2 feet long!

Here’s the eyeball, also uncropped:

Now here’s a REALLY fun one:

How could that not be the happiest fish ever????

I did get a couple shots of the eye and mouth together, but they weren’t very good as the fish was either swimming away and/or I couldn’t get the focus and composition right. Here are the best.

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3 Responses to Why A 100mm Macro Lens Is Sometimes Too Much

  1. Rick says:

    Lady when do you work???!! or shall I ask sleep???!!! 😉
    Beautiful pix!!!

  2. Christopher Busch says:

    The close ups are great and considering that some of these things are never seen by land lovers, its a treat to have such detail in the pics. Cheers.

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