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“Grande hot chocolate!”

I’d been waiting to say those words for months.

Today (yesterday?) I flew out of Kwajalein for the first time. I’m beginning a week-long vacation with my family, who I will be meeting up with at the Honolulu airport here in another 30 minutes or so (they’re flying here to meet me). We’ll then take a flight together to the Big Island, where we’ll spend our week.

I’m so excited!

I arrived at 3:30 am local time (1:30 am the next day, Kwaj time)…so in effect I’m living the same day twice (April 30th). I suppose it makes up for missing a day of my life when I flew to Kwaj  over 9 months ago.

As I had a long layover while waiting for my family, I went to Pearl Harbor and toured the USS Missouri. It’s a battleship that played a key role in the Pacific part of WWII, and on which the Japanese signed their surrender to General MacArthur. The USS Missouri was also part of Desert Storm. It was a fascinating tour, and also provided great views of the coast. Thanks to Paul for taking me there, someone I met through this blog and who was leaving after a two-week TDY work assignment on Kwaj.

Photos will be posted probably later this week. I’m actually hoping to catch up on posting a number of photos this week, while taking advantage of faster Internet speeds. 🙂

Also look for new photos from Hawaii later this week or early next week, including the volcanoes, sea turtles, and manta rays on a pair of dives I’m going on from Kona in a couple of days. 🙂

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