Kona Manta Ray Dive


When well over a dozen manta rays are swimming all around you in a feeding frenzy and bumping into you, it is utter chaos, and yet thoroughly exhilarating!!!!

Yesterday I went on two dives off the coast of Kona with Jack’s Diving Locker. The first was in the late afternoon, and just before we got in the water, we saw over a dozen spinner dolphins! A couple of the dolphins were taking huge leaps out of the water, and acrobatically spinning around in the air before gracefully diving back in.

On the dive I saw a couple of moray eels, three manta rays, and a number of interesting fish.

The second dive was a night dive in the same area. We all turned on our lights, which attracted plankton that the mantas feed on. Some of the divers counted at least 15-16 mantas; it was insane!

Without further ado, here is a (rather large) selection of some of my favorite photos from both dives.

Raccoon Butterflyfish


One of three mantas we saw on the first dive

Night dive!

As you can see, the mantas were not shy about running right into our heads! Our lights attracted the plankton, which caused a feeding frenzy for the mantas.

Flying in formation

Cue Jaws music...

I love this photo as it looks like they are about to do a chest bump!

Watch out!

I believe this one, with no tail, was called Captain Kirk (they have names for nearly 200 mantas around Kona)

Slipper Lobster and a pencil urchin

Slipper Lobster

Crown of Thorns Starfish and a pencil urchin

Crown of Thorns Starfish, eating a piece of coral

Undulating Moray Eel

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