Emon Beach Dive

I went on a great dive yesterday just off of Emon Beach. We saw a big sea anemone with a few good-sized clownfish, a moray eel, a large grouper, a large porcupinefish, another smaller pufferfish, two little boxfish, an octopus, a giant sea urchin, and a giant clam. All of the following photos were taken with my 100mm macro lens and one strobe.

This is a shrimp goby. I’ve mentioned these before, but have yet to get a decent shot of one as they’re so fast. They’re often found hiding just outside a little hole, guarding a shrimp. As soon as you move past, the shrimp and goby quickly go back down the hole.


A startled (or angry?) clownfish!

Moray eel

He kept opening his mouth just a bit to show his teeth, so I never did get a shot of a wide open mouth (that was reserved for the clownfish). Morays actually open and close their mouths to breathe, but it makes them look more threatening.

Another gaping look

WHOA!!! This face startled ME!! I just love the wide open mouth and fins out expression.

The more serene and sad-looking buddy.

A large grouper, hiding out. Just look at those big lips!

A porcupine pufferfish. I love the rather comic look of these fish, what with the big eyes and small mouth.

You wouldn’t be able to tell very well from the photo, but this was a rather large fish and I had to back up a ways to capture more of the body.

I know this goatfish photo is a little out of focus, but I like the way the “whiskers” appear, nicely spread out so you can see them. I see large schools of goatfish all the time, but have yet to get a good photo of one or several. I’m still trying.

A small boxfish. There were actually two of them; one is just out of frame. They kept approaching each other’s faces as if to kiss (or maybe they were challenging each other).

A cute pufferfish. While not a sharp shot as he was a little farther away than I would have liked (the photo is slightly cropped down), I like how he’s actually facing me with mouth open. Most of the time the puffers are rapidly swimming away from me, so it can be hard to get a good shot of one.

I did get a few photos of the octopus, but none are as good as the ones I took three months ago (of the same octopus, I’m pretty sure).

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  1. Christopher Busch says:

    You can really tell the difference between a cheap camera and an expensive one with pics like these. The Porcupine Puffer and the Dog facd Puffer are beautiful beasts and I wish I could squish them in my arms

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