Tide Pool Snorkeling

Went snorkeling in the tide pools today and saw all sorts of fun stuff, including several lionfish, a juvenile emperor angelfish, a pipefish (usually see a few every time I go there), a bright yellow boxfish, and a big clam.

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Pipefish (same family as seahorses)

Juvenile Yellow Boxfish

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5 Responses to Tide Pool Snorkeling

  1. Rebekah, I’ve been really enjoying your blog. Caitlin told me about it a while back and I’ve been checking it out regularly. Your underwater photography is improving dramatically and each post has even more exciting creatures than the last.


    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks, Bryan! It helps to have a great camera and great equipment, but I’ve been studying underwater photography books a lot these last few months, and strive to learn more about it each time I get in the water!

      • Bryan Reynolds says:

        Yes, I agree good equipment helps. But, the equipment doesn’t go out and take photos all by itself. It takes a lot of skill behind the camera to get the shots you’re getting.

  2. Christopher Busch says:

    That little box fish was so funny. Its curiouse nature and zeplin like movements made it so mezmerizing. I just wish I had my camera with me but at least you got a realy good shot of it with that macro. Cheers.

    • Rebekah says:

      Haha, zeppelin like movements, that’s a great description of it! I’m glad it came out to get a better look at us, I wouldn’t have been able to get a very good shot if it had stayed hidden in the coral. Hopefully you’ll get your new camera this week!

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