Transit of Venus and Partial Lunar Eclipse

Today Venus passed between the Earth and Sun, in such a plane that millions of people around the world were able to witness the silhouette of the second planet traversing the face of the Sun. The next Venus transit will not be until 2117.

Out here at Kwajalein, we were able to view the entire 6.5 hour transit, in between clouds, of course.

Here are a few photos I was able to take with my Canon 7D attached to my Meade ETX90 (90mm telescope). In case you aren’t sure, Venus is the large black circle, while the other less sharp dots are sunspots.

The following photo shows egress, when Venus is leaving the face of the Sun (note the seeming blemish on the right edge of the Sun). I wasn’t able to get a sharp photo of ingress or egress, due mainly to the passing clouds.

The night before last there was also a partial lunar eclipse. Here are a couple shots I got of the eclipse, also through my telescope.

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  1. Cait says:

    Way cool! (or hot 🙂
    Even with the clouds that last sun photo turned out really neat, looks like someone missed with the hole puncher 🙂

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